BreadieQuest:Halloween 3.1

BreadieQuest: Halloween is a game about mystery and problem solving
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BreadieQuest: Halloween is a 2D game about mystery and problem solving.
The game begins with the character Breadie who is trapped in a tenebrous place; he'll have to fight his way out. To do this, you should help Breadie recollect tools from the level, all of which will be used to vanquish his enemies.

Simply try to follow the arrows that indicate where to go. As you walk, some little yellow balls will be noticed on the ground, these are used to increase your score.

Whenever you run into a wall that hinders your way to other halls, press the space bar to shoot, most walls will be taken down with three shots. You only have three lives and the entire level is guarded by Creepy Hand, Ghost, Vampire, Spider, Horrific Skull, Jack-o-Lantern, and Wicked Brain. Be highly careful and whenever you get a chance don't think twice to shoot.

As you advance to higher levels, you'll find stronger enemies until you reach the final boss. To destroy bosses you should use special tools such as the Extra Life, Armor, Megahealth, Immortality, Acceleration, Freezes, and many more that will help you defend yourself and attack powerfully.

The main menu has a lot of options such as saving and loading the game, help screen, demo mode, the top 10 scores, a level editor, sound/music options, full screen, and many more. The graphics are very simple and the music is quite pleasant.

Abigail Diaz
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  • Full of options and help
  • Includes an amazing level editor
  • Very entertaining


  • Graphics are too simple
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